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How to support Seb's work:

Your help makes it possible for Seb Alex to be a full time Animal Rights Activist, working on the following projects, as well as organising and preparing future projects to raise awareness about Veganism.

As a result of your direct support, all of Seb's lectures in educational institutions around the world, as well as his activist workshops, are offered free of charge, making these events easier to organise for local communities.

Current Projects:

  • Helping run the first animal rights and vegan support center in the world, the Lebanese Vegans Social Hub
  • Giving free lectures on animal rights, ethics and sustainability in universities, schools and workplaces around the world free of charge
  • Interviewing inspiring game-changers who dedicate their time to making this world a better place, on the Principles of Change podcast
  • Running the Middle East Vegan Society, bringing change on an educational and corporate level
  • Giving workshops to activists around the world
  • Creating social media educational content on animal rights and veganism
  • Free Ebook in 20 languages about to help animal rights activists and vegans have easier and better conversations about the topic.

Grassroots activism:

  • Launching events with grassroots groups such as Lebanese Vegans to distribute thousands of vegan meals to those in need and in neglected communities and the less-privileged.

  • Making veganism more accessible to people of lower economical backgrounds.

Other methods of donations:
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