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The first ever animal rights and vegan support center

Seb Alex X Lebanese Vegans


The Lebanese Vegans Social Hub was born in November 2020 after a collaboration between Seb Alex and Lebanese Vegans, 2 months after the Beirut explosion that killed more than 200 people and countless other animals. Since its opening in late 2020, the center runs campaigns to raise awareness about animal rights, free workshops, documentary screenings, lectures and provides a co working space as well as free vegan meals in its caffe, The Collective.

Each month, there are events about animal rights, sustainability and health, social events, documentary screenings and more.

The goal of Seb Alex and Lebanese Vegans' team is to raise awareness about animal rights by targeting animal exploitation and human supremacy from all sides possible, as the problem of speciesism is multi layered and affects many aspects of our lives and the lives of other animals.

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