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Seb Alex is an animal rights activist, lecturer, photojournalist and author

Photo credit: Hailey Oldfield


During the past years, Seb has given animal rights advocacy workshops to over 1300+ activists across Europe, Middle East and Australia, has helped launched the world’s first animal rights and vegan support center, and has published the FREE Ebook ''When Animal Rights & Logic Meet'' in 20 languages.

Since 2019, Seb has given lectures in over 2/3 of universities in The Netherlands and more than 55 universities and schools in Canada, United States, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom and Portugal, reaching more than 6000 students between the ages of 13 and 30.

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“Seb’s work stood out to us because of the high quality of his focus on difficult subject matter: the farming and slaughter of the animals we eat. Seb’s portfolio reveals a creative and compassionate human behind the lens, with a talent for finding the angles and lighting that will be most impactful for the viewer. There are so few people who do factory farming investigations extensively. It’s painful and arduous, and the conditions for shooting well are terrible. We offer Seb this inaugural Fellowship in support of his efforts to do more of this work, help him deepen his storytelling, and broaden his audience.”  
- Jo-Anne McArthur, We Animals Media Founder

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